Friday, December 26, 2014

Natural Hair Journey: 8 Months Natural

Happy Day After Christmas everyone!

I don't know about you but it was hard coming into work today. It was only for a half day but still, the struggle was real this morning. Lol.  Hopefully you all had a great holiday with your family.

Today marks 8 months since my big chop! That means I'm only four months until my 1 year anniversary! As you can tell, I'm super excited :)

Me being my usual goofy self while rocking my afro :).

Current Length:
I think my hair is probably around the same length it was last month. I'll post a length check (basically stretching my hair) on my wash day post tomorrow.

My Go-to Styles this month:
This month I had fun experimenting with flat twists, 3 strand twists and two strand twists. Although I love wearing my hair out, I want to retain length and prevent tangles/knots. My plan is to only wear my hair out once or twice a week.

3 strand twists

3 strand twist out- I ove the curl definition!

Playing around with my 3 strand twist out
I decided to add a few accessories

View of my first attempt at flat twists

Two strand twist out I wore for Christmas dinner
Quick pic before work today

Hair Regimen:  I contemplated using Hairfinity, but ultimately decided against using it.  I bought a few new products to try and will post about those soon. I also finally bought scrunchies for the multi-pineapple method  I'm going to use when I want to stretch my hair.

Plans for next month:  I plan on experimenting with more hairstyles and I want to pick up a few more hair accessories. My birthday is next month so I want to think of a cute hairdo for the occasion.

Until next time!

~Adventures of a Nappy Chica

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