Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wash Day | New Protective Style

Hello loves!

As promised I will reveal the new hairstyle that I plan on rocking for the next two weeks. But before I do that, here is how I wore my hair before tucking it away for a bit. As you may remember, semi-mini twists have been my go-to low manipulation style for the past month. It has been a great way to keep my hair protected and also lessens the amount of time I spend styling my hair. After my last wash day, I wore my hair in the twists from Sunday- Thursday and wore a twist out on Friday.

Work selfie on Friday night.

Playing with the my curls Saturday morning

As much as I love my curls and doing my hair, I wanted a little break. So I visited Cher'e at Studio Six Nine Hair Design. It was nice to have someone other than myself style and wash my hair. And per usual, Cher're came up with a cute protective hairstyle that will last me the next two weeks. I plan on moisturizing my hair while wearing this protective style. So, without further adeu, here is my new protective style:

What do you think of the new hairstyle? Have you tried any new hairstyles recently? Don't forget to join the link-up!

The Wash Day Experience

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wash Day | Upping My Pre-Poo Game

Hello loves! It's been a little over two weeks since my last post. Since going back to work after hiatus, I've been trying to adjust to my crazy work schedule again. I've still been rocking my semi-mini twists, I even rocked the twists on my birthday, and keeping my regimen the same.

Here I am on my birthday on 1/13/16

On my recent wash day this past Sunday, I decided to add something to my pre-poo step. Here is a recap of my wash day:

Pre-Poo/ Hot Oil Treatment: I bought The Antidote from Tangles and Beyond in the Spring but only used it once or twice. Both times I used it as a deep conditioner but I wanted to see how it would work as a pre-poo. I applied to my hair and scalp first and then added EVCO (after I microwaved it for about 3o seconds) to my scalp/hair . I worked both products into my hair for a couple of minutes and put on my Hot Heads Conditioning Cap for an hour. 

This is definitely a winning combo! My hair felt so soft and moisturized after this step.

Co-Washed with Detangling Co-Wash by Mielle Organics in my usual four sections.

Protein Treatment with GPB Balancing Protein Conditioner by Aubrey Organics for two minutes.

Deep Conditioned with Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner  under my Hot Head cap for 30 minutes.

Detangled with my Eternally in Amber Detangling Comb

Then I realized I was going to be late for my pole class, so I put my hair in four mini puffs and raced out the door.


ACV rinse: I rinsed my hair with the rinse twice on this particular wash day.

Leave-ins + Oils  With my hair still in four sections, I applied Mint Almond Oil to my scalp and then did my usual LOC Method- Aloe Vera with Water, Mint Almond Oil, Jia's Caribbean DreamCream followed by the Kera Care Twist and Define Cream to twist my hair in my semi-mini twists.  

I'll only be wearing my semi mini twists until today.  I'll be doing something a little different with my hair for the next two weeks. 

Stay tuned......

The Wash Day Experience

Monday, January 11, 2016

Wash Day | First Full Wash Day of 2016

Happy Monday!

Technically this is my first full wash day of the new year even though I did a co-wash last week with my mini twists. The mini twists are a great protective/low maintenance style that allows me to take a mini break from my hair. Keeping the mini twists in for two weeks seems to really work for my hair.

My hair after I took out the mini twists

Here is a recap of Saturday's wash day:

Pre-Poo/ Hot Oil Treatment: I microwaved my EVCO  for about 3o seconds and then apply it very generously to my hair and scalp. I used this time to give myself a mini scalp massage.  After my mini massage, I put my hair in four ponytails using Goody Ouchless hair ties and wore my Hot Heads cap for an hour. 

Co-Washed with Detangling Co-Wash by Mielle Organics in four sections. 

Protein Treatment--I just realized as I'm typing this post that I didn't do a protein treatment! That's never happened to me but I will make sure to get one in next time.

Deep Conditioned with Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner  under my Hot Head cap for 30 minutes.

Detangled-  As usual I went with my trusted Eternally in Amber Detangling Comb. For the past two or three wash days I do this particular step in the shower.

The amount of hair I shed during the pre-poo and detangling session.

T-shirt dried for about 10-15 minutes

Leave-ins + Oils and Styling My hair- Since the LOC method has done wonders for my hair, I've kept that aspect of my wash day the same. My go-to product are: Mint Almond Oil, my spritz mix (Aloe Vera Juice, Water and I added White Peony Ultra Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner), Jia's Caribbean DreamCream and Kera Care Twist and Define Cream. 

As you may remember I installed mini twists in my hair on my last full wash day. Because I loved my mini twists so much, I decided to do them again. The plan is to wear them for two weeks (like before) and then take them out. I still plan on doing a co-wash in between with the mini twists in my hair. 

So far I've been wearing my mini twists in a ponytail  with some bangs. I got a number of compliments on the style today, which is always nice.

How I wore my hair today for work

View of the back

Side view


 How was your #WashDayExperience? Don't forget to join the link-up. 

The Wash Day Experience

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hair Goals for 2016

Happy New Year!!
2015 taught me a lot about my natural hair. I learned a lot about my regimen, products that work for my hair and experienced a lot of growth. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more this year. With that being said, here are my hair goals for 2016:
1. Curb my product junkie tendencies. With the amount of growth I experienced in 2015, I found myself experimenting with products. So, my goal is to limit myself to trying 1 or 2 new products this year (if any at all).
2. Stick to a regimen for at least 4-6 months. I feel like I’ve finally hit a groove with my hair the last few months and I think it’s because of consistency + products I am using. So, unless my products suddenly stops working (which is doubtful), I want to keep my regimen the same until at least June.
3. Say no to heat- as much as possible- I’ve done a good job of keeping my hair heat free since I big chopped in April of 2014. I did get a light blowout in August for my trim but I would like to stay heat free as much as possible this year.
4. Try a few new hairstyles. I usually find a hairstyle that I like and stick with it. In the new year, I hope to try at least 3 new hairstyles.
5. Get my hair trimmed, as needed. I got my first trim back in August since my big chop. I won’t set a time limit on when I need a trim but I will be paying attention to my ends. I will definitely get one maybe two trims in 2016. In between trims, I will also do a search and destroy method.
6. Retain as much length as possible. While healthy hair is my main goal, I also have a length goal as well. This year I will be working towards healthy hair and hopefully retaining length along the way. I will continue to evaluate my regimen and hair style choices throughout the year and adjust if needed. I also realize that obsessing about length is unhealthy, so I will only do one or two length checks this year.

What are your hair goals for 2016? I would love them! Please share your goals in the comments below.