Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review of November Goals + Goals for December

I'm a few days late with this post but better late than never.

                                                       Goals for November

1. Drink at least  3-4 glasses of water per day    Done. I've been drinking about 6-7 glasses a day.

2. Continue with the Kinky Coily Curly Me Fall Castor Oil Challenge Done

3. Do at least 1-2 improvements to the blog Fail. I dropped the ball on this one.

4. Create an online portfolio  Fail. I had good intentions but never got around to it.

2 out of 4 goals accomplished. Not ideal, but I'll take it.

                                                        Goals for December

1. Do a 2 protein treatments

2. Continue drinking at least 6 glasses of water

3. Continue with the Kinky Coily Curly Me Winter Castor Oil Challenge (Dec-March)

4. Do at least 2 improvements to the blog

5. Create an online portfolio

6. Try at least 1 new hairstyle

7.  Try a coffee rinse

                  What are your goals for this month? Feel free to share your goals below!

Until next time!

~Adventures of a Nappy Chica


  1. My goals so far are to just drink more water for sure! I don't drink soda or anything, but sometimes I just forget to drink period, which I know is horrible! Hmm, I definitely have some hair goals too. I want to get to waist length before my birthday in July and I am at about bra strap length now, so I definitely have a goal of being more disciplined with my hair.
    Anyways, I saw that you joined BLM =)


  2. Bree,

    I only drink water as well and I too forget to drink it. I have to set reminders so I remember to do it. Lol. That's a great hair goal! I think you can do it :). I would love to be at shoulder length by the end of the summer.

    I did :). Thanks for recommending it!