Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wash Day Recap | Mini Hair Update

Man, I've really been slacking on the blog as of late. That's what happens when you're juggling work, writing and spending time with the hubby. Luckily I've still be taking care of my hair through all of it. My wash days have pretty much stayed the same with just a few minor updates. I'm still co-washing and deep conditioning my hair once a week. Since I want to retain length, I mainly wear low manipulation styles like twists or two strand twist halo braid (not sure if that's the proper name).
Here are a few pictures of my hair over the past month and half

This twist out from 10/29/16 was everything!

Smiling because I love my twist out.

My other go-to protective style from 11/6/16

Another view form 11/6/16

Rocking a twist out for Thanksgiving 2016

I've also been experimenting with products as well. Currently I'm using True by Made Beautiful. But since I scored some good deals on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, you will probably see a change in my wash day products :). I didn't go too crazy but I'm excited with my purchases which I'll share soon.

I'm not trying the whole line, just their co-wash, hair masque and leave-in conditioner
Now that my mini hair update is out of the way, here is a recap of Sunday's wash day.

Pre-pooed  I'm still loving my current pre-poo routine which consists of applying water, EVCO and  The Antidote to  sections. Then I detangle my hair using my wide tooth comb from Eternally in Amber. Once the section is detangled, I put the section into twists. 

Shampooed  with Mielle  Organic's Babassu Conditioning Shampoo with my hair in twists.

Protein Treatment- Used Aubrey Organics and let it sit in my hair for about 2 minutes before washing it out.

Deep Conditioned with True Intense Treatment Masque- I applied the masque to my hair (still in twists) and left it on for about 20 minutes under a plastic cap.

ACV Rinse - I did a final rinse on my hair (acv mixed with water).

Styled my hair- As I mention before I've been keep my hair in low manipulation styles. This week I opted for my two strand halo braids. I plan on moisturizing my hair every other day and keep this style until my wash day on Sunday.

                                                 How was your recent wash day?