Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Favorite Black Friday Finds

It's officially the last month of 2014!  Isn't that crazy? I swear, this year really flew by. Anyway, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you want to read about our first Friendsgiving, check out this post. Now, let's move on to my favorite Black Friday finds.

If you know me, you know that I'm typically not into Black Friday. I went once with an ex-boyfriend eight years ago and promised myself I would never do it again. The waiting in line, the hordes of people running to grab an item, things thrown everywhere, all of it gives me anxiety. But, with the online shopping, I found that I could avoid all of that. Plus, there were a couple of deals I just couldn't pass up.  Here are my favorite finds:

1. Lisa's Healthy Hair Elixir Healthy Hair & Scalp Collection by Carol's Daughter

I have heard great things about the Restoring Hair Oil and Fortifying Scalp Spray and wanted to try it out. But, it was a little pricey for me and I wanted to buy it on sale.

Original price for the set: $36
Sold separately: $22 for the Fortifying Spray (on the left) and $20 for the Restoring Hair Oil
Black Friday Savings: 40% off = $19.44 (before tax) for the set + the Monoi Shampoo and Conditioner Sample Packette --- I ended up paying $20.89. I am a member so shipping is always free :).
*** Technically, this isn't a true Black Friday sale because it was before Black Friday. Carol's Daughter had a 'Pre-Black Friday Sale' the week leading up to Black Friday. I'm still counting it though.
2.  The Red Dress Boutique
Ever since I saw this business on Shark Tank, I knew that I would be a customer. When I saw their Black Friday Sale, I was ready to make my first purchase. I chose this dress because well it's pink and it would be a nice dress for my birthday or a holiday party.
Photo Credit: The Red Dress Boutique
                                                      Original Price: $52.00
                    Black Friday Sale: 30% of the whole site + free shipping = $36.40
I know, I could have found a better deal but I love this dress. And the story behind this company makes me want to support them.
3. Kohl's
This is probably my favorite deal. I really want to incorporate boots into my wardrobe and decided to purchase some from Kohl's. Now, the only problem is, how do I wear them? If you have any advice or tips on how to rock these boots, please comment below! Now, let's move on to the deals:
                                                      SO Slouch Ankle Boots
                                                     Original Price: $59.99
                                                     Black Friday Sale: $19.99
                                                    SO  Women's Moto Boots

                                                       Original Price: $69.99

                                                       Black Friday Sale: $19.99
                                            Croft & Barrow Women's Ankle Boots 

                                                       Original Price: $74.99

                                                       Black Friday Sale: $24.99

 I spent a total of $69.84 (with tax) and received free shipping for my order. I also earned $15 in Kohl's Cash and an additional $10 Kohl's Cash from YES2You Rewards (it's free to sign up).
Overall, I'm happy with my Black Friday purchases. The hubby and I went to Macy's on Saturday and I picked up a few essentials. I swore I wouldn't buy anything for Cyber Monday yesterday...but then I caved. In my defense, I only bought two things: Bow Down Necklace-Peach
 and a Dragon Fly Necklace from The Red Dress Boutique. I paid $5 for each necklace plus free shipping.  After yesterday, I don't plan on buying anything else for awhile. Lol.
                                 What were your favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?
Until next time!
~Adventures of a Nappy Chica



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