Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 2 of the Summer Castor Oil Challenge, Taking Everything With A Grain of Salt + Some Blog Love

Ok, so I meant to post about week two of the Castor oil challenge but I forgot. So, here is a brief summary of week 2.

Week 2

Nothing new to report. Things are going well and I use Castor oil everyday. I've been trying to pay attention to my edges to see if there has been any growth. As of right now, I can't tell if there has been much growth. There will be a length check for week 5 and I will post my pictures/results here on the blog. Next month I think I'll try mixing emu oil and evco (extra virgin coconut oil) with my Castor oil. From what I've read, emu oil helps with scalp conditions and can help with bald spots. Read more about emu oil here.

Taking everything with a grain of salt

The other day I posted about the results of my porosity test. The purpose of this test was to help me find products to help moisturize my hair. I try not to believe everything that I read but instead test things out for myself. I came across this post on hair porosity by one of my favorite bloggers. This article brings up some great points and goes back to the idea of choosing products that work for your hair.

Some Blog Love

I wanted to share some of my favorite vloggers and bloggers. They have been a great resource for me throughout my healthy hair journal.
      * The Main Objective
      * Just Grow Already
      * Sdestra
      * Kinky Curly Coily Me
      * Naptural85

Until next time :)!

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