Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The "pineapple method" on short hair

I had to share my good hair day with everyone. Actually it's been more like a good hair streak. But I should  back track a bit.  The last time I posted about hairstyles, I raved about bantu knots & the bantu knot out. Although I love the bantu knot out style, I believe the constant manipulation (redoing the knots every night)  contributed to more knots on wash day.  I took a two week break and rocked my version of flat twists. I wore this style before but this time around my hair was shorter, thanks to a friend trimming about an inch of my hair (working hard to cross off this month's goals :)). It was a short, simple hairstyle that worked but I missed the curls.
Wearing the two flat twists at the Pole Championship Series in Columbus- 2/27/14

  I decided to go back to the bantu knot out. This time, I was determined to wear the style for at least three days without manipulating it. I read about the"pineapple method" in Better Than Good Hair and I wanted  to try it on my short hair. The "pineapple method" allows you to preserve your curls for a second or third day. Those with longer hair use scrunchies to loosely gather their curls into a ponytail on top of their head. With this method the curls are preserved during the night. For more instructions on how to do the pineapple method, check out this post. Because my hair is shorter, I used a couple of bobby pins instead and it worked. Last week after I wore the style for three days and co-washed with minimal knots. Below is a break-down of what I did with the style this week:

Monday: I took down the knots and moisturized my hair. I used  Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray, Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Cream and sealed with coconut oil. I added a few booby pins to complete the look. Before bed I did my version of the "pineapple method", put on a bonnet and went to sleep.

Tuesday: The next day I moisturized my hair, fluffed out my curls and I was good to go. I used the pineapple method again before going to bed.

Today:  I woke up with my curls preserved (for the most part).  I added a cute headband to jazz up the style a little. I had a late pole class tonight and didn't have time to co-wash. My plan is to wear the style once more tomorrow and co-wash after I leave the gym. We'll see what happens.

I included some pictures and a video of my bantu knot out style on day 3.

How do you preserve your curls? Do you use the "pineapple method"? Feel free to share your experiences below.

Until next time :)!

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