Thursday, March 26, 2015

Natural Hair Journey: 11 Months Natural

I think I officially hit my groove this month. The past 11 months have been filled with learning about products, techniques and natural hair. Now, I actually have a sense of what my hair needs and products that work for me.

My motto for this month has been: keep it simple. For me, that means wearing low manipulative styles and keeping my regimen simple with just the basic necessities.

Current Length: I haven't really been focusing on length in recent months. In fact, since the February Mini Challenge I haven't worn my hair out. The only time I "see" my hair is once a week on wash days. I will say that the hubby has been commenting on how big my fro is getting. I can definitely tell that it has gotten fuller.  While I want to retain length, I don't want to become obsessed with the it. Instead I want to focus on healthy hair practices and remain consistent.


My Go-to Styles this month:  Three Strand Twists

There wasn't much variety with my hairstyles this month but I'm okay with that. After some research and trail & error, I realized that wearing my hair in three strand twists decreased single strand knots. To spruce up my twists, I like to wear flower accessories.  Thanks to NaturalMe4C 's review I scored a couple of new accessories and I can't wait to wear them (once they arrive).

Hair Regimen: Washing my hair once a week has worked out well. My scalp has been doing well with the help of Bee Sensitive Oil Free Serum  . I'm also currently in love with three products from Tangles and Beyond: Deep Moisture Conditioner, Jia's Carribean DreamCreme and Deep Moisture Shea Butter Creme. I will be posting a review of these products in the near future.  Other than that, things are pretty much the same. Oh and after some research, I may have found out how to prevent single strand knots

Plans for next month:  My plan is to keep my hair in twists until my 1 year natural anniversary. I have a giveaway to mark the occasion, details will be posted as we get closer. 

Until next time,

~Adventures of a Nappy Chica 

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