Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let them drink wine: My first trip to Napa

What do you get when you have a limo, a birthday girl and 8 of her friends? An epic weekend in Napa Valley.

Hanging outside Castillo Di Amarosa in Napa

This past weekend I got to see one of my best friends and celebrate another friend's birthday. Instead of driving the two hours from Monterey to San Francisco (where we were all meeting up), I took the Monterey Airbus. It was stress-free, reliable, affordable and convenient.
The airbus departs from Calle Principal in Monterey.

Friday night my bestie, the birthday girl and another friend went out for a late dinner/drinks in San Francisco.  Our first stop was Calzone's in Little Italy. If you haven't been there, you need to check it out. I highly recommend their roasted vegetables pizza, it's so good! After that we stopped by another bar for a quick drink (unfortunately, I don't remember the name) and headed back to our hotel to rest up for trip to Napa.

At Calzone's from left to right (the birthday girl, me, another friend and my bestie)

Our second stop that night. Such a cool bar.

The next day we met up with the rest of our group and headed to Napa in a limo. Yeah, that's right a limo. At first I thought it was unnecessary but if you think about it, it's genius. Everyone gets to enjoy the wineries and relax. It's a win-win situation. If you're going to Napa with a big group, a limo is the way to go in my opinion.

Our ride for the day


Heading to Napa

Me with the birthday girl

Castillo Di Amarosa

This was our first stop on our Napa tour and definitely worth the visit. With the beautiful views and good wine, we were tempted to stay but we were on a mission to visit at least three wineries (more on  that later). 



                The bestie taking time to pose for a pic.

Posing with the bestie :)

"Engagement pic" with the bestie
"Engagement pic" take 2

Franciscan Estate Winery

We were able to have our own private tasting at this winery and a private tour of the vineyard. I loved the staff, atmosphere and wine. I will definitely go back again with the hubby.


The birthday girl taking it all in. 






Peju Province Winery--The Tour That Never Was

The goal was to make it to three wineries and we did. Unfortunately, we never got to go inside. We were having such a great time, taking pictures and laughing. The staff, however, decided to refuse a wine tasting to a few people in our group. We literally walked in, used the restrooms and took a few pictures while we waited to tour the grounds. I would say we were there for about 10 minutes. Those actions were enough to deem a few people too "drunk" to go inside. Now, were we loud? Yes. But, we were not disturbing anyone because we were the only ones in the lobby. Had we been drinking? Of course, but we were by no means drunk. The staff was rude and condescending. I definitely won't return to their winery.

Cigar Bar and Grill

We didn't let that encounter ruin the rest of our night and ended the night the only way possible--going salsa dancing. This place is amazing, if you can ignore the cigar smoke, and there is a live salsa band. I haven't been to a salsa club in awhile so I was soaking it all up. We owned the club. It went a little something like this........

Okay, maybe it wasn't quite like that but it was pretty awesome. Lol. It was just like the good old days in college.

                                               What did you do this past weekend?

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