Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trek to Monterey

As some of you know, the hubby is attending Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) for graduate school. This gave me a a chance to cross two things off my imaginary bucket list: 1) a road trip across the country and 2) living in California.

Once we found a place to live, next came the hard part: downsizing. We had to fit all of our belongings from the house we rented into our new vehicle (after selling/getting rid of our two cars). Needlessly to say, it was tough deciding what to leave behind. Since the program is a year of course work and then four to six months of an internship, it made sense to only come with the essentials.

The house we rented for two years on the west side of Cincinnati.

Bubba, our new vehicle for the next year or so.

After we packed and said our goodbyes, it was time to hit the road with our three dogs. It took us three days, 39 hours and driving through 8 states (Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and some of California) before we reached our destination. As much as I love adventures and my dogs, I don't plan on taking a road trip with them in the near future. Here are some pictures from our road trip. Hope you enjoy :)!

Our going away party at Neon's on July 27


The dogs were super comfortable and had lots of space.


Just before a big storm in New Mexio
Another shot of New Mexico
Close to Flagstaff, Arizona
Outside of Flagstaff
Osa inside our hotel suite at Comfort Inn in Flagstaff. A nice pet-friendly hotel.

Our nice digs at Comfort Inn
Our dogs living it up
Leaving Arizona

Entering California
Chancho is over the road trip and wants to be out of the car. Lol.
Nut trees outside of Bakersfield, CA

And some pics of the house we're sharing in Seaside/Monterey.

Until next time :)!


  1. Congratulations on the new move! I have always wanted to visit the west part of the USA. Btw, I would love to feature you and your hubby on my blog that features adventurous and fun couples. Granted it is a new blog, but if you are interested in this networking opportunity, please email me at the interview is only a few questions and I'd love to have you!

  2. Thanks, Bree! It was quite the adventure. You should definitely try to make it out west, it is beautiful. That would be awesome :)! I'm always looking for networking opportunities. I will send you an email to day.