Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review of March Goals + Goals for April

Well, I should start by saying...I cut off my hair tonight. I was just tired of it and I completely shaved my hair. Man, it feels great!



I've been waiting to trick someone all day. Lol. I'm stoked that it's April and I can officially start the countdown to the BC! March was a good month because I checked off most of my goals.

Goal #1:  Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.  Almost. I did it about 90% of the time.

Goal #2: Use up at least 2 products.    I actually used up 3 products :) (Elasta QP Mango Butter, Organix Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Califia Moisturizing Spray by Komaza Care.

Goal #3:  Try to take at least 3 or 4 hair related pictures (hairstyles, new growth, etc) and post on the blog.  Done 

Goal #4: Finish reading Better Than Good Hair.   Great book, I would recommend reading it.

Goal #5: Trim off 1/2- 1" of relaxed hair.      My good friend Serah did this for me.

Goal #6: Decide who will do my BC.    I just need to make the official appointment.

Goal #7: Start shopping for hair accessories and earrings.   Almost. I bought several pairs of earrings. I still need to figure out hair accessories. 

Goal #8: Continue my transition. 

Goal #9- Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil at least once a day on my edges.

I'm proud of all of the things I accomplished in March. I hope to do the same in April.
                                             Goals for April 
                                             * Continue my transition
                                            * Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day
                                            * Buy more earrings (at least 3 or 4 pairs)
                                            *  Make or buy hair accessories
                                            *  Make an appointment for the BC
                                            *  Schedule a BC celebration with friends & family
                                            *  Do scalp massages at least twice a week
                                            *  Compile list of TWA hairstyles / ideas on Pinterest
                                            *  Read  The Science of Black Hair

That should keep me pretty busy this month. What do you think? Is there something I should have added? Please feel free to comment below.

Until next time :)!

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