Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wash Day Recap | Last Wash Day of 2016

I told you I had a lot to share with you before the new year! Lol. So here is a recap of the my last wash day or 2016.

Prior to this wash day (which was last Sunday), I let my hair go without washing it for two weeks. This was new to me because I usually wash my hair once a week. Luckily, I had my hair in two strand twists so my hair was protected. I decided to rock a twist out for Christmas Eve and I ended up wearing the style for a week.

Day 1 of my twist out

Day 4 of my twist out
Pre-pooed Naturally when I finally decided to wash my hair I had some knots and tangles because I wore my hair out for a week.  In order to get a handle on the tangles and knots, I applied a generous amount of warm water, coconut oil and The Antidote. I worked the product in with my fingers paying attention to the ends before using a comb to detangle. After detangling each section I twisted the sections so that my hair stayed knot free.

Co-washed with Be Clean Cleansing Conditioner from Be Kekoa. This stuff is amazing!

Protein Treatment- Used Aubrey Organics and let it sit in my hair for about 2 minutes before washing it out.

Deep Conditioned with TGIN's Honey Miracle Mask-  With my hair still in twists, I applied the mask to each section and made sure to really work into the ends of my hair. I put on a cap and did a 30 minute workout while I deep conditioned.  Once the mask was completely rinsed out I could already tell the difference in my hair. It was moisturized, soft and smelled great!

I'm out of my ACV rinse so I made sure to give my strands another big rinse to make sure I removed all the products.

Then I applied the TGIN's Daily Moisturizing Cream, Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil and TGIN's Twist & Define Cream. Because our show is currently on holiday hiatus I decided to skip the twists and went for something simple: two big braids. After braiding each side I create a halo look by connecting the two braids using bobby pins.

                                           What styles are you rocking this holiday season?

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