Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wash Day Experience| Hot Heads Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

After wearing my stretched fro for an entire week, I was ready to tuck my hair away for the week. Here is a recap of Sunday's wash day.

What I was working with before my wash day

[1] Pre-Poo... Unfortunately I ran out of my old faithful Hair Trigger and I didn't have anything else on hand, so I skipped this part of my wash day routine.

[2] Co-Washed with Shea Moisture's Cleansing Cowash Conditioner. 

[3] Deep Conditioned with  Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Stregthen, Grow and Restore Treatment Masque .  This time I used my reversible pink/zebra print Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat cap (a recent purchase) and wore it for about 30 minutes. I bought the . Adding heat seriously makes a difference! My hair felt incredibly soft and moisturized after. I will plan on making this a staple part of my wash day routine and I will give you a full review at a later date.

[3] Applied Jia's Caribbean Dream Cream by Tangles and Beyond  and attempted to twist my hair in preparation for my salon visit.   

[4] Styled my hair  in big two strand twists and pinned them in a updo using bobby pins. This is my go-to style because it is easy for me to do and I can wear the whole week.

This is an old pic but this is my "go-to style"
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The Wash Day Experience

~ Adventures of a Nappy Chica


  1. Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica! I recently added deep conditioning with heat back into my regimen too. Most of my conditioners can do the trick without heat but adding heat really takes things up a notch!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED your stretched fro! How did you maintain it?

    KLP @

    1. Thanks for stopping by :)! I really enjoyed incorporating heat again. I use to deep condition with heat when I was relaxed but not with a cordless cap. This cap is so convenient and allows me to do other things while I deep condition. I love it.

      Aww, thanks! I just put my hair in large two strand twists every night. Then in the morning I took them out and fluffed my hair with my fingers.

  2. I always wanted to try one of those Hot Head Caps because of all the good things I have heard about it. I like your go to style and your stretched out 'fro is cute too. When you don't pre-poo do you notice a difference or no?

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I recommend the Hot Heads Cap, it helps add moisture to my hair and also loosens any knots. Thank you! I try to keep it fairly simple when styling my hair. I want to eventually try other styles but this one is so easy to do.

      I definitely notice a difference. My hair is shiner, there is more moisture and it makes it easier to deal with any tangles or knots.