Monday, January 26, 2015

Natural Hair Journey: 9 Months Natural

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm officially 9 months into my natural hair journey. The beginning of the month started off great but towards the end of the month, I was yearning to try a protective style. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing my fro but I want to retain length and protect my ends. One of the downfalls of wearing a free fro is that you have more single strand knots. Those little buggers can be tough to deal with. But it has been great to see how far I've come in 9 months, even with the minor setback in September.

Current Length:
front: below my eyebrows around the top of my nose (when stretched)
 sides: past my earlobes
back: base of my neck

My Go-to Styles this month
I was in a bit of a hairstyle funk this month. I only tried one new hairstyle, a perm rod set and that didn't go so well. The rest of the time I either wore a twist out or my fro, which of course meant a lot of single strand knots!

Hair Regimen:  I started using Bee Sensitive Oil Free Hair Serum and purchased a few other products to try. I have a few other products on my wish list but nothing that I necessarily need.  I still wash my hair twice a week, mostly by co-washing it. But, for the most part my regimen is still the same. At some point down the road I'll try washing my hair just once a week.

Plans for next month:  I need to get a trim, actually just a dusting-no more than 1/2 inch off. I would also love to experiment with protective styles that are quick and easy to do.

                              Only 3 months until my 1 year anniversary!

Until next time!

~Adventures of a Nappy Chica


  1. You are doing great! Despite those little knots, you really wear the fro well. :-)

    1. Thank you, Kristal :)! That means a lot.

  2. Cute TWA! I was at this stage before! It's an awkward stage right?! I have a youtube channel where I used to make videos about my natural hair.
    i was where you are 4 years ago!

    Now I have locs! good luck on your journey!

    1. Hi Miya!

      Thank you! It really is an awkward stage. It's not short but it's not long. Lol. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely check it out as well as your blog.

      How do you like having locs?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Jackie, looking good!!

    I really like your blog. It has been inspiring me to take some hair/skin adventures of my own. Because of the dreads I have to do slightly different research, but your blog helps a ton. I did a deep cleanse for my hair that made it feel 20x better. I plan to do a coconut milk soak to condition my hair ( . I also want to do a tea rinse like you mentioned ( Excited!

    Some questions for you though... if you do not mind :)
    -Do you have to wash your hair more than once a week because you work out so often?
    -What is co-washing?
    -My mother has very thin hair with minimal balding. Have you come across anything in your research that could help strengthen and promote hair growth?

    Miss you! Take care, Chantal

  4. Hi Chantal!

    Aww, thank you! That's awesome. I'm glad the blog has been helpful to you. Looks like some great products!

    Of course I don't mind.
    1) I don't have to but I have a dry scalp and my hair usually feels like it needs to be washed every 3-4 days. However, I started using a couple of products that helped out with my scalp problems-Bee Mine Sensitive Oil Serum and Healthy Hair Collection from Carol's Daughter. So, my plan is to try and start washing my hair once a week.
    - Co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It's part of Curly Girl Method- which focused on keeping curls moisturized.
    - From everything I've read, Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) strengthens and promotes hair growth. I like using Tropic Isle's JBCO and Shea Moisture has a JBCO oil line too. Sulfur also promotes hair growth, from what I've read. Bee Mine has a growth serum with sulfur (I haven't tried it yet but I read positive reviews). --

    I hope that helps!!! Miss you too!