Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review of June's Goals + Goals for July

I had a lot of goals for June. Let's see how I did.

Goals for June
* Try at least one new hairstyle and post a pic on the blog. (done) I'm going to count the pic of me in one of my new Vine80 bows as a "hairstyle".
* Drink at 1 liter of water at least once during the week (Baby steps. Lol.) (done)-- I actually went even did 2 or 3 times depending on the week.
* Start the Kinky Curly Coily Me's Summer Castor Oil Challenge  and my update progress here throughout the challenge.  If you're interested in joining the challenge, be sure to register by Saturday, June 7th. (done)--I've been updating my progress each week. This week marks week 5.
* Continue to buy more hair accessories--This month's goal: more flowers & bows.  Oh and I'm in love with flower rings at the moment. So I'm going to try and buy some of those as well. (done)- I bought 2 bows from Vine80 and only scored one cute ring (it's a fruit ring and not a flower but I'm going to count it).

My cute find at the CAC Summer Sale

*  Use up at least one product before buying/trying a new product. (done)
* Shampoo at least once this month.  (done)-- I shampooed twice once with Alikay Natural 's Black Soap Shampoo & Alba Botanical's Daily Shampoo to clarify.
* Research a new deep conditioner to incorporate into my regimen for July. (done) Instead of spending money on a new deep conditioner,  I decided to try a homemade deep conditioner this month.
* Make at least one update/change to the blog. (sort of) Okay, so I didn't do a update here but I did create a Facebook page. Be sure to visit the page . Please like the page if you get a chance, I'm trying to reach 100 likes.

7 out of 8. June was a very productive month!

Goals for July
*Twist my hair every night before bed---I got lazy with this last month. Now that my hair is a little longer, this should be a normal part of my routine.
* Drink 1 liter of water at least twice a week
* Continue the Summer Castor Oil Challenge
*Try Naptural 85's DIY deep conditioner & incorporate it in current regimen for at least a month
* Continue experimenting with hairstyles
* Add a current regimen & list of products to the blog
*Participate in and complete Jen's 30 Days with Ceramides Challenge
* Participate in and complete Independencearmy challenge and Morehandstandlove Challenge (both fitness challenges)

Do you set goals (hair or otherwise) each month? Does it motivate you? What are your goals for this month?

Until next time :)!


  1. I need to step my hair accessory game up too. I have the most amazing floral headband that I wear entirely toooooo often! LOL.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. I have to make a conscious effort to switch it up a bit. Lol.