Monday, May 26, 2014

1 Month Natural :)

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I can't believe that I've been natural for one month! This month has been pretty easy for me. Washing my hair is fast and my hair dries really quickly. My hair is easy to detangle at this length, which is great. I'm trying hard not to become a product junkie (it's hard, there are so many products that I want to try) and keep my regime simple. So far I've been co-washing twice a week because I work out a lot and shampooing once a month. Going into month two, I might try shampooing twice a month...we'll see.

Current Length: About 2 1/2 inches or maybe a little more (when stretched)

My Go-To Hairstyles

This first month has been about finding styles that work for me. In the beginning I did mainly twists and twists outs. Then, I came across this video from Toliahli on finger coils. Since then, I've been rocking my finger coils and finger coil twist out. It generally takes me anywhere from 1 1/2-2 hours to do, but I love the curl definition. I've tried the "wash and go" and the jury is still out on that one. My hair looks more puffy than anything and tends to be a matted mess the next morning.

I'm looking forward to month 2.

Until next time :)!

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