Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wash Day Recap: Back to Low Manipulation Styling

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

I have been slacking on the blog posts this month but we're finally settled in Portland. And, now that we're settled I can actually get back to my regular hair routines/practices. Here is a recap of Friday's wash day:

1] Pre-pooed with Hair Trigger doing some light detangling with my fingers and left it in for an hour.

[2] Shampooed with Shea Moisture's Cleansing Cowash Conditioner. 

[3] Protein Treatment with ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor for 2 minutes.

[3] Deep Conditioned with Tangles and Beyond's Deep Moisture Conditioner for 40 minutes.  Before I rinsed it out I used my Denman brush to detangle it. My hair was a tangled mess from wearing my hair out. This conditioner is a god-send because it melted all of my tangles away and brought my hair back to life.
[4] T-shirt dried my hair for about 15-20 minutes. I wanted my hair to be damp not soaking wet when I applied product.

[4] Applied my leave-insJia's Caribbean Dream Cream  and Tangles and Beyond Deep Moisture Shea Butter.

[5] Styled my hair:  I knew it was time to put my hair back into protective styling. It was fun having it out for a little bit but honestly the tangles/matted hair is not fun. I will wear my hair out but not all the time. I prepped my hair for the style by banding it with hair ties to stretch my hair. 

My original plan was to try a style that I saw on YouTube but I couldn't get my hair to cooperate. Instead I just did a tuck and pin style, totally on the fly. I think it turned out well, especially since this was a style I made up in the moment. I'll wear this style until Friday or Saturday. Depending on how my hair feels, I may take it down Tuesday to moisturize it and then put it back up.


How was your wash day? Did you try any new styles or products? Join the link up to share your #WashDayExperience

The Wash Day Experience

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