Sunday, October 26, 2014

Natural Hair Journey: 6 Months Natural

It seems a little crazy that it has been six months already. 

Current Length:  I haven't gotten around to doing an official length check. But I promise to do one for my 1 year anniversary. My guess is that my hair is somewhere around 5".

My Go-to Styles this month: This month was all about wearing my afro without any accessories. I've accepted the shorter hairdo and I appreciate my twa. I know that when my hair does grow out, it will be a lot more work. So for now, short is easy and fun :). That being said, my hair cut is starting to grow out. And as I feared, if you look close enough, you can see that my hair is uneven.  I don't plan on fixing it right now so we'll see how it grows out in the next several months. 

 Hair Regimen: It took several months but I think I have a pretty good regimen. Incorporating new products  has helped me tackle my moisture problem. My hair is like a sponge--soft and springy. Oh and thanks to Carol's Daughter and SheaMoisture my hair always smells amazing! I love the way my hair feels now and I find myself playing in it a lot more than before. 

Plans for next month:  Find ways to incorporate protein treatments into my regimen.

Until next time :)!

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