Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review of September's Goals + October Goals

Wow, this month flew by.  Let's review my goals for the month.

Goals for September

*Participate in 30 Days of Moisture with Just Grow Already & Relaxed Thairapy (There is still time to sign up!)   done 
* Participate in Kinky Curly Coily Me! 's Fall Castor Oil Challenge. The deadline to register is Sept. 7th! Don't miss out on a great challenge.  done--Minus the four days I waited for my new bottle of Tropic Isle's Jamaican Black Castor Oil to arrive from Amazon. I really wish this was sold in stores. #thestruggleisreal
* Try a new nighttime routine for my TWA.  done. Not really a "new nighttime" routine but I've gone back to doing the L.O.C. method before bed. Moisture Retention is one of my main concerns at this point and the LOC method has made a difference. Here is an explanation of the method by NaturalMe4C .  
* Get a trim/dust my ends--The appointment is already scheduled :).  done. Read about the results of my "trim"

4 out 4 for September (mini dance break). I love setting goals and actually accomplishing them every month!

Goals for October

1. Stick to my current hair regimen and products for the entire month. -- I totally revamped my hair regimen and bought 3 new products in September. It was needed but now I need to monitor my hair and its health. I want to stick to my current list of products and regimen for at least a month before making any changes down the road.

2. Continue Kinky Curly Coily Me! 's Fall Castor Oil Challenge. --The week 5 check in is this week and I will do a post about that in the new few days.

3. Research protein treatments/products that might fit into my hair regimen.

4. Take part in Just Grow Already's  Challenge for the month. --I'm not sure what the challenge is yet but I'm sure it will be a good one :).

5.  Continue experimenting with hairstyles and accessories that work for my current length.

6. Find natural hair meet-ups/other events that are close to me and attend them (if possible).

7. Drink at least 2-3 bottles of water per day. ---This has been tough lately. My OAB has been making it difficult to accomplish this in the past weeks.

Funny meme about goals that I think is pretty accurate.

         Do you set monthly hair or other goals? If so, what are your goals for the month?

Until next time :)!


  1. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you did with last month's challenge. We truly appreciate you signing up & taking the journey with us.

  2. Hi Jay! Sorry I'm just responding. I wrote a post about my results: http://adventuresofanappychica.blogspot.com/2014/10/results-of-30-days-of-moisture.html . Thank you for doing the challenges, I enjoy participating in them.