Friday, September 5, 2014

Review of August's Goals, Goals for September + Results of Summer Castor Oil Challenge

Summer is officially over! It feels like it went by so fast. I'm sad to see summer go but I'm already excited about my plans for next summer ;).  All in all, I did pretty well with my goals for August. I'm proud of how much I accomplished with the move to Monterey and adjusting to live in Cali.

Goals for August

*  Try at least  hairstyle this month----My intentions were good but I definitely failed at this one.
* Research a hairstylist for a trim/research how to trim ends at home    done! As much as I want to believe I can do this at home, I'm going to a professional. Hopefully, I'll be able to trim my own hair in the future.
* Get back to doing tea rinses (I took a week off during the move)   done
* Participate in and complete Jen's 30 Days without Split Ends Challenge  done
* Reevaluate regimen and see if changes need to be made  done. 
* Drink at least 1 liter of water twice a week  Epic failure! In my defense, the water here in Seaside/Monterey is doesn't compare to the water in Ohio :(. But, we're buying our water now and I hope to be better about it this month.
* Work on handstands and headstands at least twice a week   Almost. I've been working on my headstands and neglected my handstands a little. This month I need to focus on both.
* Complete Summer Castor Oil Challenge and register for the  Kinky Curly Coily Me's Fall Castor Oil Challenge   done! (Great challenge. I'm pumped to do the fall challenge as well.)

Goals for September

*Participate in 30 Days of Moisture with Just Grow Already & Relaxed Thairapy (There is still time to sign up!)
* Participate in Kinky Curly Coily Me! 's Fall Castor Oil Challenge. The deadline to register is Sept. 7th! Don't miss out on a great challenge.
* Try a new nighttime routine for my TWA.
* Get a trim/dust my ends--The appointment is already scheduled :).

Summer Castor Oil Challenge Results

The challenge ended on August 31st but it has taken me an extra couple of days to share the results. I went into this challenge with no expectations. I wanted to see if Castor Oil would be beneficial for my hair and it was. My hair was softer and thicker, my hair was already thick to begin with but I still noticed a change. Also, I had some more hair growth along the edges. Nothing huge but again I saw a difference. 
Throughout the challenge I used my JBCO as a pre-poo and to seal in moisture on a daily basis. This time I plan to do the same thing, however, I will also add in emu oil

Here are some pictures from the beginning, middle and end of the challenge.

Did you participate in any summer challenges? If so, how did they go?  Do you plan on doing any challenges this month? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time :)!

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