Friday, May 6, 2016

Wash Day | Revisiting The Braid & Tuck

Hey everyone!

I've been bad about posting as of late but my hair is still thriving. Here is my latest wash day recap from my latest wash day.
My post LA hair
Pre-pooed with my Aloe Vera Juice and Vegetable Glycerin and The Chocolate Antidote by Tangles and Beyond.  I'm a huge fan of Tangles and Beyond, so when she dropped this new version of The Antidote, I knew I had to try it.

My hair felt so soft and moisturized. So far I love this product, which doesn't surprise me because Ashley's products are amazing!

Co-Washed with  Detangling Co-Wash by Mielle Organics in four sections.

 No Protein Treatment today- I'm still out of my go-to weekly protein treatment Aubrey Organics GPB Glyocen Protein Balancing Conditioner. Btw, does anyone know where I can find it locally? I'm only finding it online :( . Luckily, I did a protein treatment before my LA trip, so I think my hair will be okay missing a week or two.

Deep Conditioned with Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner  under my Hot Head cap for 30  minutes. Before I rinsed it out, I used my fingers to gently detangle my hair in the shower.

ACV Rinse-- I did an ACV (diluted with water) rinse. I massage the mixture into my scalp for about 5 minutes and then rinsed my hair out with lukewarm water. 

T-shirt dried my hair for about 10 minutes. Then I put my hair in big chunky braids and pinned them up into an updo so I could go to pole. 

After pole class, I opted for an quick and easy hairstyle for the week. As much as I love my semi-mini braids, I didn't have the energy or time (I had an early call time for work the next day) to braid my hair.

My updated Braid and Tuck style

I am really proud with how this hairstyle turned out. The last time I did this style was about a year ago and I think my technique has gotten better. Not to mention, my hair is longer this time around.

My braid and tuck from February 2015

How was your wash day this week? Don't forget to join the #washdayexperience link up!

The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Omgosh your hair is so much fuller now! I love this braid and tuck style on you!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

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