Sunday, March 20, 2016

Deep Conditioning Tips for Wash Day

Happy first day of spring! I'm excited for spring because that means we're one step closer to better weather here in Portland. Last week I styled my hair in chunky twists but my Thursday, I wanted to let my hair out. I thought about my washing my hair today but, honestly after the long work week I didn't have the strength to do much to my hair. So, instead I retwisted my hair in mini twists today. I'll keep them in for the work week and I'll probably wash my hair Friday or Saturday.

Showing off my mini twists

Striking a pose again

Now on to the reason of my post: Deep Conditioning Tips for Wash Day:

1. Apply deep conditioner in sections - I got this particular tip from Jen of Just Grow Already. Like Jen, I apply my deep conditioner to my ends first and then work it through the rest of my hair.  Working in sections makes the process easier and allows me to focus on each individual section.

2. Add heat to the mix- When I started my healthy hair journey (at the time I was still relaxing my hair), I realized that using heat when deep conditioning helped it penetrate my hair. It also left my hair feel soft and moisturized. Now as a naturalista, I have implemented the same idea to my wash day routine. My go-to heat source is my Hot Heads Conditioning Cap. I normally wear the cap anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

Throwback  of me in my Hot Heads Cap

3. Boost your deep conditioner with oil(s)- Adding oils is another great way to boost the benefits of your conditioner and also provides you with more slip. I've only done this a few times with Jojoba Oil and it definitely stepped up my conditioner game.

What are some of your favorite deep conditioning tips/hacks? Don't forget to share your #washdayexperience!

The Wash Day Experience

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