Sunday, August 16, 2015

Behind the Scenes on a Television Set

It's been well over a month since my last post. Although I've thought about posting something several times, the truth is I haven't had the time. Since moving to Portland in May, my main goal has been getting experience in film and tv production.

After a couple of months working on independent film projects, I scored a job on a television show as a production assistant in Portland, Oregon.  Working in television has always been a dream of mine so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it.  The past month has given me a chance to experience television production firsthand.
Here’s what you may not know about life behind the scenes on set:

Creating ‘Hollywood Magic’ Takes Time

Think of your favorite scene or moment from your favorite television show. That one particular scene might have taken up to two hours to film. Unlike a normal 9-5 job, a typical day on set can last anywhere from 12-16 hours.  Each take of a scene is reviewed by the director, the script supervisor, director of photography and hair and makeup, just to name a few. Making sure the lighting, the make-up, props and camera angles reflect the script and the director’s vision sometimes takes several takes.
In addition to looking for continuity errors, the director will often discuss certain aspects of the scene with the actors and other members of the production team. This process will continue throughout the filming of the episode, which typically lasts eight days.

WP_20150805_14_09_36_Pro  Behind the Scenes on a Television Set WP 20150805 14 09 36 ProDressing the Part

One of the best parts of my job as a production assistant (PA), besides being able to see how an episode comes together, is my work attire. Because I work long days on set, my work attire is all about being comfortable. Most days you will find me in jeans, a comfortable shirt, a pair of Merrell shoes with a hooded sweatshirt around my waist or stashed in my backpack.

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