Sunday, February 8, 2015

February Mini Challenge | Updo #2: Braid & Tuck + Help Me Choose My Next Updo

So far I am really loving this updo/protective style mini challenge. It has really forced me to try new hairstyles and allowed me to see the versatility of natural hair. I thought my hair had to be longer to do updos but so far I've found some great styles for my current length. When I saw CaribBeauty's braid and tuck tutorial, I knew I had to give it a try.

This might be my new favorite hairstyle. It was quick and easy. And it actually looks like I have braiding skills, which I don't. Now, my hair doesn't look exactly like the tutorial but I think it's pretty close. I love that this hairstyle can be worn for work or for a night out on the town. Plus, I don't have to worry about styling my hair every day.

The upkeep for this style has been fairly simple so far. I spray my hair at night with my Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner and apply JBCO to my edges. Then I wrap my hair in my satin scarf, put on my bonnet and call it a night. I'm on day two of the style and it still looks great. I'm hoping I can stretch this style to Friday.

I'm already thinking of my next updo. Does anyone have suggestions on styles that might work for my current length? I'm looking for something that is easy to do and will last at least for about a week. I would appreciate any help!

                    What are your favorite updos for twas? Feel free to comment below!

Until next time!

~Adventures of a Nappy Chica