Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wash Day Recap | Time for a Protein Treatment

    Happy Sunday! Here is a recap of last Sunday's wash day. 

Pre-poo/ Detangle Session:  I'm still following my same pre-poo routine. I part my hair into four sections and spray each section with a mixture of aloe vera juce & water. Then I apply The Antidote to the length of my hair as well as EVCO paying special attention to the ends. After I finger detangle each section, I use my Eternally In Amber wide tooth comb. Once my hair is fully detangled, I put my hair in twists. 

Co-washed with Eden BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea CoWash-  I co-washed my hair in twists and applied this to my strands and gently massaged it into my scalp. Then I rinsed out the co-wash with lukewarm/cool water.

Protein Treatment- I added a protein treatment back into my routine for this particular wash day. 
Deep Conditioned with Tangles & Beyond's Deep Moisture Conditioner. I applied the conditioner to my twists and let it sit under a plastic cap for 20 minutes.

T-shirt dried my hair for about 10 minutes. With my hair being in twists, my hair didn't feel like it was soaking wet.

Styled my hair-  Now that I wash my hair in twists, I usually don't have to really style my hair at the end of wash day. Once my hair is a little dry, I simply re-twists any twists that look a little worse for wear. 

Throughout the week I kept my hair moisturized by spraying water (mixed with leave-conditioner) and sealing it with Tamanu oil.  I picked up this tip for moisturizing my twists from Craving Yellow. Check out the video below to learn more.

How was your wash day? Be sure to share below.

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