Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wash Day | New Summer Updo

My original plan was to rock my semi mini twists for two weeks before my next full wash day. But, my twists were looking rough just one week later. So I opted for a full wash day on Friday before my LA trip.

The hairstyle I rocked for a week

I'm still trying to rack my brain to figure out where I went wrong. My hair looked dull and just a hot mess. Was it the Carol's Daughter shampoo? After all, I couldn't remember exactly how long I had that particular bottle. It wasn't something I used often, so maybe it had expired. Either way, my hair needed some TLC.

Pre-pooed with my Aloe Vera Juice mix and The Chocolate Antidote by Tangles and Beyond for 30 minutes (using my Hot Heads Conditioning Cap)

Co-washed with Mielle Organics Detangling Conditioner- I can't say enough great things about this conditioner. After the way my hair felt last week, I was glad to come back to this co-wash.

Protein Treatment- Used my favorite weekly protein conditioner, Aubrey GPB conditioner for two minutes. My main focus is on the ends of my hair, but I work into the rest of my hair as well.

Deep Conditioned with Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner for 30 minutes with my Hot Heads cap. Before rinsing it out, I used my fingers to detangle my hair.  I have a lot of shedding going on and I know that my hair needs a trim. It's been almost a year, not something I purposely did but I need to take care of that soon.

ACV Rinse-- I did my usual acv diluted with water rinse. As always, I massaged it into my hair for about 5 minutes and then rinsed it out.

T-shirt dried my hair for about 15 minutes. 

The hubby and I were doing a double date night with some friends, so I put my hair in braids pinning them up. The next morning I started looking for an easy hairdo to rock for my trip to L.A. Naturally, I went to BlakIzBeautiful's YouTube channel.  Jenell is my go-to for cute and easy styles. I would say 98% of my hairstyles come from her videos. 

With summer just around the corner, I'm looking for easy styles that don't damage my hair. And of course, Jenell's tutorial was just what I needed.


This hairstyle was so easy and only took me about 5-8 minutes to do. I squeezed this quick hairdo right before heading to the airport. I didn't take before pics but I wore the style from last Saturday and I'm still rocking it today. My plan is to wash my hair tomorrow and redo the style for next week. To keep my hairstyle in tact, I wore a scarf to bed. I applied Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil and Jia's DreamCreme during the week.

Rocking my hairstyle on day 5

Another view-I swear my gray hairs are showing out here.

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The Wash Day Experience


  1. Cute cute cute cute! Love this cute little updo! I bet that it will keep your ends moisturized.

    KLP @

  2. That's a nice updo. How often did you moisturise your hair while in the PS?